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I just bought an IPad camera connection kit yesterday. I was very excited to go home after purchasing it, but to my dismay upon connecting it to my iPad I received an error, that the attached USB device is not supported.

I am really disappointed now, and I really think that I just wasted my money.

If anyone here can help with my problem, I would really appreciate it.

The attached USB device is not supported.


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Hello Veronica,

iPad has their dedicated USB devices, used to connect an iPad camera which is supported by Apple. Please take note that only digital cameras that support the Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP) or USB Mass Storage Device Protocol can be used.

Should you have encountered difficulties connecting a digital camera with an unsupported USB, below are the suggested troubleshooting steps you should try:

1. Remove you iPad Camera Connector from your iPad.

2. Remove any USB device that is connected to your iPad Camera Connector.

3. Restart your iPad.

4. Reconnect your iPad Camera Connector.

5. Connect your digital camera directly to the iPad Camera Connector.

If you are trying to plug-in other USB device on your iPad, you might encounter the following error messages or symptoms:

1. " The attached USB device is not supported"

2. " The attached volume appears to be invalid"

3. " Accessory Unavailable: The attached accessory uses too much power"

4. Applications suddenly closed or is not working properly as expected.

I hope this is of great help to you.

Kirstyn Philips