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Author: Kevin Moiles
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Is there a way to play Hay Day on a laptop? I love playing Hay Day on my iPhone 4 and I'd like to enjoy this on my laptop as well. I've recently bought a new 11-inch ASUS Vivo Book touch screen. Can I play Hay Day on my laptop?

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Hi there Kevin, 

I love Hay Day as I love Farmville 2. But to answer your question, no unfortunately Hay Day is only available for iOs Products like iPhones and iPad. If you tend to buy a new iPad instead in replacement for your Asus tablet, you can easily download Hay Day via iTunes.

You can also like Official Hay Day's facebook app page so once they've released a web version you'll be one of the first to know.

Happy farming!

Waall Mike

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Hay Day game was designed for iOS devices only. Therefore, you cannot run this on your laptop. SuperCell does not have any plans yet to release the game Windows version or Mac version. However, coders developed an application which is the Hay Day Emulator for Windows and Mac. So you can now play this game on Facebook and Game Center using your Facebook account or your Apple ID. To use the Hay Day Emulator, follow the steps below:

1. Download the emulator from the links below:

Hay Day for Windows

Hay Day for Mac

2. Run the application.

3. Choose your gaming platform. Select from Facebook, Game Center or Alone and then click the Play Button.

4. Login on the window that appear.

5. Connect to your platform and click the Open Game button.