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I have a simple question.  What is a DNS, and can changing your DNS affect the speed of browsing?

Thanks a lot!

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The DNS or the Domain Name System is a classified distributed naming system for any device or services connected to the internet or a network. It is connects several information with the designated domain names on each. It obviously decode domain names into a numerical IP address with the objective of obtaining computers and services around the world. DNS is a procedure on how computers trade data over the internet or private networks or known as the TCP/IP.

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DNS stands for Domain Name System or Service or Server. It is one kind of Internet service that translates domain names into Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. When you use a domain name every time a DNS service translates the name into the corresponding IP address. For example, the domain name might translate to

The default DNS settings provided by their ISP are used by most people and while they are generally sufficient for most their purposes, plenty of free options are available out there, like Google DNS and Open DNS.

Changing your DNS may help you speed up your browsing performance quite a bit. There is a popular free application Namebench that checks whether your current settings are optimized or not and, if not, it gives you free option which is best for you. Follow the link to learn how to use it:

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DNS is somewhat a translator. It converts the website names ( we input, into their numerical values ( Just imagine memorizing those numbers instead of the characters we humans can understand or memorize. DNS makes life easier for us. Changing the DNS can boost the speed of your browsing... or it may not. It depends on the reliability of your ISP. I personally use the Google DNS ( and The former is my preferred DNS server and the latter would be my secondary DNS server. The difference between the two? Preferred is my primary DNS server. If that server doesn't work properly, the computer will use the secondary DNS server.