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Hello everyone!

I bought a new desktop PC last year and it is a Windows 7. At first, it was fast to use, but now, it took a while to open a program. Do I need to upgrade my Windows 7?

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How to fix Windows Media Player 11 on Windows Vista?

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First I encountered a problem  with my adapter setting, I installed VMware and have a problem with connection.

Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance.

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I recently purchased an iPhone 4. I see a lot of features in it, like setting up of my email account but somehow,

I am unable to do so.

Will appreciate if someone can give an insight on this.

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Hi I am using windows XP sp3 on my PC. 

The problem is  i noticed my pc was using up 50% processor even when idle. I opened task manager and found there are multiple copies of svchost process and one of them was using up that 50% processor.

My pc has become somewhat slow and killing the process does not work as it will start again automatically after a min or two.

What should I do?

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Google provides backlink  tool. And how does this thing work?

Do you need to pay anything for it to get this tool?  

How does Google handle backlinks and does it has anything to do to make one site more exposure?

I would like to know more of it?

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Hi Guys,

Please help me and give me some advise on how to protect my laptop from virus.

 And what exactly are computer viruses so that I am aware.  

Hope to hear from you guys.



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Please help me!

My webcam and microphone is not working with Windows Live Messenger. My contacts cannot see and hear me on their end while on a video conversation.

I’m using a Windows XP computer and running on high-speed internet connection. I have tried using my devices on another computer and it worked perfectly.

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I am reviewing for my CCNA exam and I need to install the Virtual CertExam Suite in order to run the Pass4Sure reviewer. However, when I try to install it I keep on getting pos.dll error.

Has anyone of you guys experienced this issue?

How do I resolve this?

I am using a Windows 7 computer.

Manager.exe – System Error

The program can't start because pos.dll is missing from your computer.

Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.

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I usually sleep after I started downloading. Our computer runs the whole night and all throughout the process of downloading, so our hard drive might be damaged. And also because of this, we will somehow waste electricity, though we take some ways to have it shutdown automatically when it has finished downloading.

Please give me solution to this.

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