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Can anyone can tell me how i can copy Urdu inpage text in corel draw.

when i copy the text and paste in corel draw I see just boxes.


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Write a HTML code to display your name.




<TITLE> Your Name </TITLE>


Your Name



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How do I control what happens when I start word ?

Process changes.

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Can any one give me a details about  CISSP ( Certified Information Systems Security Professional ).I know a little but I want to know details about it.

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Hello friends,

I am using a shared internet wireless, in my small office but I am facing signal coverage problems.

It does not cover all the area in the office, so what do I do now?

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Please Explain all type of networks.

I am a new student in this field and would thank any one who can explain them to me.

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Can I copy more than one block of text  to the clipboard, then paste everything into my document ?

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Please explain the different types of wireless networks and how they work?

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Anyone can help me please. I want to write Urdu in MS word. I have inpage for Urdu typing and I want to type direct Urdu in MS word. I have to type my school examination papers. Please help me. Thanks.

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Hi TechyV users,

I want to prepare some user friendly instruction for kids with the basic windows Operating system options.

So to do this, I can take the screen shots.

But the problem is, when I press "PrtSc" button and paste it to Ms Paint program, it will copy the whole screen with all opened windows but i need to copy only the particular window.

So is there any easy way to do so?

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