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Brief Concept on File Transfer Protocol

The quest to satisfy unsophisticated and improved lifestyle has led people to continually built computing machines and later on applied networking for providing simple means in achieving a lesser operational cost, uncomplicated procedures and not time consuming processes. Exchange of data has been significant since it predates the advent of computing machines. A popular and convenient way of data exchange is through computer connections.

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A Brief Guide about Delete and Recovery of Files

Does ‘Delete’ Really Delete Files?

Have you ever wondered where do the files and folders go when we ‘delete’ them? Actually, these files stay where they are. Contrary to popular belief, when you delete a file, it does not really remove the file from the hard disk or move the file to the so called ‘Recycle Bin’ for Windows. 

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CD Burner Software's

Nero Burner

This software allows users to format DVD/CD/BD to enable them to be used in diskettes. Files can be dragged and copied or saved to a disc from other sources or applications. The system requirements for this type of cd burner, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Server, Windows vista, or Windows 7 operating systems.

CD/BD/DVD optical recorder supports re-writable disks or write-once disks such as the MMC compliant, recorders supporting the MRW and multi read RW recorders.

Ashampoo Burning Studio

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Mankind’s Milestone in Information Storage

Information storage approximately begun since mankind started, as apparently shown through paintings and carvings illustrated on caves, rock walls and ceilings. Vital sets of information are needed to be stored and passed for the next generations. CD Rom, DVD and flash drives are the common words that usually cross in people’s minds when they hear about the term computer storage.

Due to the drift pace in technology, stuff like floppy disks and punch cards are almost over and obsolete.

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My CD ROM is stuck because of the broken CD in it. Please tell me how to open it with without opening the computer cover because it is locked too and I don't have its key.


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I bought new video card before couple of days, and I have a problem. When I installed the video board in my MoBo and rebooted the system the POST (power on self test) was terribly slow. Before it passed for seconds, now it needs around 10-15 minutes. I tested the video on my neighbour's PC, and it worked with no problems. What is the reason for this? Do I need to change my MoBo?

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Hi Experts,

When I connect my office computer Windows 7 machine via VPN, I get Atbroker.exe error. I get this often and the only solution is to restart my office system via a script or ask a friend to hard reboot the system. Can anyone help me with a proven solution as I have tried a lot of them already. Those solutions are on the first few pages of Google but nothing helped.
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I want to uninstall the AVG free but it is neither uninstalled nor works, should i reinstall windows or is there any solution without reinstalling the operating system, found my solution please.

Error file is attached herewith, see it to know the details.

AVG product not installed, uninstallation request ignored.-0xE001D02B

Severity: Error

Error code: 0xE001D02B

Error message: AVG product not installed, uninstallation request ignored.

Additional message: AVG Software Installer – Product not installed, uninstallation request ignored. 

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I was working with DISK MANAGEMENT system. Unfortunately, I deleted my D and F drive. All my important documents were there. What can I do? 

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What is Multilayer Perceptron? How we can train Multilayer Perceptrons?

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