What’s The Hottest IT Job Niche For The 2020s?


Young people and older career-changers who are headed off to college with an eye on obtaining IT degrees should know what job categories are hot. Of course, the landscape changes from time to time, and the huge field known as Information Technology morphs as it grows from year to year. Choosing a job in this thriving field is almost always a smart idea for those who like the idea of continuous employment, excellent pay, and the chance to move up the corporate ladder. Indeed, many of today’s CEOs began as computer programmers, web developers, and app creators.

But one section of the tech discipline has been doing better than others, and prospective degree candidates can do themselves a favor by checking it out. The subject in question is cyber security. You can opt for a full-blown four-year diploma, a graduate school specialty, or even a certificate in one of the many sub-categories of this exciting, financially rewarding area. What are the reasons behind the current boom? Some are political, others economic, and a few are related to the unfortunate explosion of cybercrime, perpetrated by a global cadre of hackers, phishing experts, and assorted crooks who make huge profits on stolen data and various trade secrets. Here are some enlightening details about why cyber security jobs are now among the highest-paying in the IT sector.

The New Cold War

If you’ve been paying attention to international news it’s hard to miss all the stories related to Russia, China, North Korea, and multiple other nations that are engaged in a new form of cyber warfare against old and new enemies. A generation ago, spies fought these skirmishes out among themselves, swiping a corporate or military secret here and there in an attempt to get a leg-up on adversaries. Nowadays, hordes of computer experts in the U.S. do their best to defend against potential hacks, malware invasions, and other kinds of electronic warfare. Governments, large corporations, and assorted international agencies hire experienced techies who know how to protect their countries and companies against data grabs and system attacks.

Lack of Skilled Workers with Relevant Degrees

Supply and demand have much to do with any employment trend, and the same can be said for this one. Apparently, colleges and universities can’t produce enough IT security grads to satisfy the pent-up corporate demand for these specialists. If you’re contemplating a return to college or are getting ready to attend as a young adult, don’t let finances stand in your way. Taking out a private student loan on your own, without a cosigner, can solve two problems at once. Not only will you have access to high borrowing limits and competitive interest rates, but you’ll also get the chance to build good credit in your own name when you don’t use a cosigner. And if you want to focus on your studies instead of working a side-job during school, a private student loan is the ideal way to free up your time and give you the freedom to concentrate on obtaining good grades.

Corporate Hack Attacks are Becoming Big Business

Not long ago, hackers focused on individual computer users but soon became attracted to victims who could pay a hefty ransom for stolen, sensitive data banks. Every year, hundreds of companies and governments fall victim to the demands of online criminals who steal giant caches of information and hold it hostage for millions of dollars. Some companies pay the price and others don’t. The bottom line for the evil-doers is that paydays can be highly profitable when their scams work out. This sad state of affairs has been one of the most significant factors behind the growth of Information Technology specialists who know how to stop or at least fight against the thieves. When you know your way around the vast world wide web and even its dark counterparts, job security is just one of the rewards you’ll receive. Generous pay and an interesting career are some of the others.

Cyber Car Theft is Up

Meanwhile, aside from grand international plots and threats, local communities have a similar need for computer safety. Today’s vehicles and residences often feature so-called smart locks. These clever gadgets are supposed to make our cars, trucks, homes, and offices nearly immune from intruders and data hacks, but they don’t. If you are attracted to work in this part of the computer market, a certificate or degree in cyber-security can open the necessary doors.


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