Welcoming Our New Robot Overlord


This topic is really informative to talk about, Robots primarily are machines which are manufactured or were invented to make the human life real simple. As we are advancing to the next generation’s robotics is gaining limelight all over. Well, frankly speaking, these robots reduce the human effort the manpower and save us money and time which are most precious things in today’s life including health but can and will never be able to replace humans totally but if the worst happens they could rule upon us like the famous movie series Terminator(Rise Of Machines). Machines in a positive manner make it easy but the people what about them they lose jobs every second, fewer jobs means more unemployment and more unemployment leads to a multiplied number of crimes.

This article focuses on how the humans welcome the Machines especially Robots (Human-like) as their Overlords meaning conqueror or ruler.

People all over the world are setting fully automated labs where technology gives birth to technology which in simple language means machines create machines or their replicas. Machine learning Artificial Intelligence is the next level technology, if we want to keep up we should not back out, but Elon Musk the CEO of Tesla Motors and SPACE X and many other organizations once said that we should not move towards AI so quickly as it will eventually lead to the demolition of the humans. Until Science is under our guidance we are the owners or landlords but if we let science overpower humans, then the consequences will be unimaginably bizarre.

K’Nex is one of the tops most leading companies in means of making toys which are made highly with the aid of robotic machines a bunch of workers is required who manage those machines as operators and this brand can be very well compared to the LEGO the toy-making giant(LEGO blocks are pretty famous.

A man named Ciliary Hilton claimed a visit to one of these hi-tech manufacturing company he said the are was about a hundred thousand square feet. And to his surprise, there was a very less number of people working there and rest of the manufacturing firm was run by machines, the place was so much occupied by all kinds of new and old machines and one man he met personally was a tech expert in the field of robotic sciences and his major role was to integrate or synchronize the machines to mold according to the needs of the of the project that was in process. Truly speaking this new era has eaten up a large number of jobs.

The company was putting continuous efforts to make a robot also they were successful ultimately. They were able to invent a robot that was capable of plucking petals of the flower. It was beautifully designed and worked seamlessly but there were sounds of continuous (yeee-haah) you know machines make these kinds of awkward sounds.

Whenever we think of robots a fear instills in the mind talking precisely a question arises What if machines had total control over humans, What if we all were under the rule of these iron brained objects? There is nothing to worry at least for next few years, no doubt the tech is advancing day by day but it will take some more and dedicated years even decade to see tech going out of the reach.


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