Use Of Chatbots In E-commerce


Let us first understand what chatbot and e-commerce is.

A Chatbot is a computer artificial intelligence program that held a conversation with human users. We can classify Siri, Cortana as chatbots. The company cannot mingle with customers directly. Chatbots help companies to interact with the customer and answer their questions. In simple words, a chatbot is a virtual form of human working in a helpdesk.

E-commerce or electronic commerce is selling or buying of services, goods electrically on the internet. In the present day, the development of e-commerce cannot be ignored. E-commerce is the largest growing industry.

Now, the real question is how chatbots can help the E-commerce.

User satisfaction is most important in any business. If, a user is satisfied he will visit again. User satisfaction stands by his shopping experience, checkout, customer care. A company cannot interact with every customer and calling customer care, sometimes take a longer time. Chatbots can help increase user satisfaction. Amazon has introduced Alexa; if I want to buy something, I can ask Alexa to find me a shirt online and then I can look at it. The sales of Amazon have increased since the introduction of Alexa.

Ways in which chatbots can help E-commerce

1. Interaction with the customer is improved

The customer can interact with chatbot and get all the answers to its question immediately; this will help the increase in sale. Chatbots can store the preferences of the buyers so they can also give suggestions.

One of the successful examples is eBay’s chatbot that is shopbot. It is a shopping assistant, and it helps to find what they want to buy.

2. Reduction in Customer care

Chatbots is termed as a customer care executive. The cost of setting customer service will reduce. Many companies set their customer service center, with the chatbots cost-cutting can be done in this area. Eventually, that would be very profitable.

3. Availability

Chatbots are available 24*7. Anytime, anywhere one can ask anything to a chatbot. You can ask as many questions you want all day all long.

4. Chatbots can keep track

Suppose, we are looking at some products, and it is about to go out of stock, chatbots can remind us that. They can even tell us if our desired merchandise has come back in stock.

There are many successful who are using chatbots, and it is doing wonders for them, some of them are-

1. E-bay


It uses chatbot that helps users to find the type of clothing they desire. You just to put in your preferences, chatbot will ask some questions, and they will give you the product.

2. Pizza-hut


Everybody loves pizza, well most of the people. Now, pizza can be ordered just by chatting. Yes, we can send a message to pizza hut on twitter messenger or Facebook messenger and give our orders.

3. H&M 

It is a massive clothing brand. Its chatbot asks some questions; it requests to choose from the photograph then select your style. Based on the answers given it shows the preferred clothes.


It has become evident that chatbots play a very significant role success of the e-commerce sector. In the digital marketing field, the road to success is through chatbots. If the company invests in chatbots, it will serve them good.


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