Top 10 Torrent Software Or Sites

Want to download large files like movies, software, etc. as soon as possible than torrent software is the best option for you. A Torrent is basically a software which allows you to download large files quickly. A Torrent is a file-sharing software based on P2P( peer to peer) technology. It allowed a vast number of user to download without relying on one site.

There are more than 300 torrent software and sites. So it’s hard to choose a good torrent software. So in today’s article, I have ranked some torrent software based on there popularity and function. Some people believe that torrent software is illegal, but it’s not true, torrent software is illegal to but it depends on your desire downloading.

So let’s start with today’s article. Following are the ranking of top 10 torrent software:-

1. The pirate bay
2. Zoogle
3. 1337x
4. Rarbg
5. Torlock
6. YTS
7. qBittorrent
8. uTorrent
9. EzTV
10. Lime torrent

The Pirate Bay

The pirate bay is an online torrent site. This site is best for downloading all types of large files. It is the most popular torrent tracker in the world. It also lets you about which torrent is legitimate and safe. It finds verified torrent for both new and old content. The pirate bay torrent site is also known as TPB. It is the most simple torrent site. Due to the abundance of seeds, it helps in faster downloading of files.


Zoogle is the new torrent website, but it is getting successful very quickly. This success is may due to the steady increase in the number of torrents. This site provides you best results for movies and TV shows. It also provides you the torrent for software and ebooks for different devices. People recommend zoogle due to its many useful sub-categories and unique way of listing torrents or useful information.


1337x is an online torrenting site. This torrenting site provides you the best search engines. In this site, you can also get to know about the top 10 torrent list of the week and month. It also provides top 100 torrent list for categories.


Rarbg is a torrenting site. This torrenting site is best for new content. This site also provides new movie trailers. In torrent there are also a blog section of the entertainment industry. It provides the top 10 torrent list for various categories which help people to get an idea, what other are download. Rarbg focuses on the quality of the torrent rather than in number.


Torlock is an online torrenting site. This site provides you the best results for anime and ebooks. Here you can find the most popular torrent sites with minimum interference. Due to minimum interference, it provides the easiest way to find anything. It also provides you the top 100 list which helps you to find the best content.


YTS is an online torrenting site. This site famous for its visual appearance. This site provides you search filter which helps to find desired content more easily. Consumers can easily give feedback and make content requests. For feedback, all you need is its an account. It provides the clean and easy to read the torrent description.


qBittorrent is an online torrenting site. It is a simple torrent downloader. It shows the prefect combination speed and simplicity. The best thing about qBittorrent is it shows no advertisements. It also provides some extra tools. There is no bundled software in this. If you are looking for simple torrenting site then qBittorrent is the best option for you.


uTorrent is a torrenting site that is developed in 2005. It is the best alternative to BitTorrent. BitTorrent is one of the most ancient of the torrent clients. This software is simple to handle. It is the most criticized software outside china. People mainly complain about advertisements. Although this software is good for simple torrenting.


EzT is an online torrenting site. People visit this site mainly for downloading movies, and TV shows infect this is the only torrenting option available in this site. It has the basic look of torrent and its information in tabulated form. It also allows you to save your favorite torrenting site by creating an account. It also provides you the countdown list which shows the upcoming torrent sites. It is a light weight torrenting site.

Lime Torrent

Lime torrent is also an online site for torrenting. This is a torrenting site which provide torrents of different categories like TV series, anime, movies and application. In this site, it is quite easy to find a good torrent. This is one of the best torrenting site because it is updated regularly. This is the easiest way to find new contents. It also update the top 100 best torrenting sites and top 100 new torrenting sites.

So here are some torrenting sites and software with there popularity and special feature. The pirate boy is the best trorrent site and for simple torrenting qBittorrent.


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