Top 10 Brands From Vintage Days That Are Still In Use

Some of the best technologies were present in the olden days. There were even notable fan followers for a few devices and techs from the golden years. Certainly, some gadgets are still in use today, making users enjoying their reminiscence. Let us know about the top 10 brands and their devices from our retro days that are still in use by people with newer updates.


Trinitron was Sony’s first color television launched in 1968 in Japan. In those days, Sony TV was 32-inches and heavy-weighing one. Trinitron used Cathode Ray Tube in TVs and computers. The device has won the ‘Vaunted Emmy’ award for its TV receiver. The sales reached 100 million units in 25 years.

2. IBM MODEL 5150:

The IBM 5150 was the first model in the hardware platform that was introduced in 1981. Don Estridge, who was the acting lab director during those days, was the head of the project. The 5150 model processes information faster, play games, and sent texts. The unit came with a display, keyboard, printer, two disc drives, a game adaptor, and an application package.


The Regency Transistor Radio was the first device with the miniature of high-tech gadgets. The innovative idea was from Texas Instruments, which gave techs for Navy and Industrial Development Engineering Associates and were the first TV Antenna inventors. The portable three by 5 inches battery-powered technology was by Bell Labs. The transistor receives signals from a printed circuit board that was connected to components with an eye-catching design. It was popular in the 50s.


The Kodak Brownie Camera came in the 20th century and was sold for $1. The Brownie Camera was for middle-class people to take snapshots. The Eastman Kodak selected the name ‘Brownie’ from a children’s cartoon book. The affordable cameras brought the idea for the company to sale films to the customers for capturing the memorable times.


Pagers are the first version of mobile phones to send emergency messages to others. The sender should communicate the messages through telephones. During 1986, the Motorola Bravo was the best-seller in pagers. The pager device could save five messages that are 24 characters in length. In the early 1990s, the pager was even a status symbol.


The pocket-sized Blackberry 6210 was the first gadget with a combination of web-browsing and email experience like the mobile phone’s functionality. The 6210 users could check emails, make calls, send text messages, and plan their schedules with a single device. Blackberry 6210 was the step forward to mobile gadgets.

7. TIVO:Tivo was the first video recorder in the year 1999. Tivo was a gadget that helped users to record their favorite TV shows and allows rewinding at the preferable scene or forward to the annoying advertisements.


Sony introduced its Play Station in 1994 with a high-tech, sleek, and affordable game box with power-readily accessibility from the developers. Sony Company brought the play station for grown-up children who enjoy Atari and Nintendo games. Play station 2 created a Guinness record for selling the best consoles of all time.


Motorola Dynatac 8000 X was the first portable cell phone, which made its entry in 1984. Marty Cooper, an engineer from Motorola, was the first person who demonstrated mobile technology to the public. The device weighs nearly 2 pounds and costs around $4000.

10. APPLE iBook:

The bright-colored, slim, and plastic Apple iBook was the first laptop with a wireless network system. The portable design and its technology attracted customers and grew into a serious business. In the MacWorld conference, Apple’s co-founder introduced this portable laptop to the world with a roaring approval by the crowd


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