Top 10 Best Education Applications Of 2020

As schools and educational institutions remained close for most of 2020, education software is most in demand. Education Software programs are the software used in the education industry. These software programs usually cater to serve knowledge to various classes of society like teachers, students, parents, etc. In the world where a child as young as three learns to use technical devices for learning from poems or stories, the dependency of the world upon education software has progressed exceptionally. In the achievement of the goal to improve each day by increasing knowledge, people have now begun to learn everything online beforehand. So get on your nerves, here is our list of top ten education software that is must for you to experience.


Byju’s learning application provides unique classroom programs for children of all ages. With an exceptionally unique methodology, Byju’s is our number 1 application that retains the attention of children and has the most effective learning methodology from talented teachers across the world. It is light, flexible, and provides a high-quality education at your doorstep.

2. TED

Ted talks or commentaries have always been an impressive way for world-famous speakers to address the audience at large. Ted facilitates the users to get educated on diverse areas ranging from architecture from psychology, astrology, and whatnot. It enables the society to understand intense notions which influence the health and environment of world communities as a whole.


One of the most enhancing tools that have advanced methods to educate people is Pinterest. Pinterest helps people get educated on multiple dimensions through graphic representations of pictures. It expands your reach to the vastest issues and enables you to connect with people through the creation and sharing of boards.


Khan Academy is one of the most preferred learning applications that provide the students with several online classroom programs with videos on diversified topics. Students are free to learn at their speed and even for free. There are absolutely no charges for watching the content enriched with knowledge.


Mariam Webster is the most common and popular dictionary application that provides learning coupled with word games and innovative learning techniques. For years, it has been the best dictionary application. It is simple and quick to learn from several examples for the usage of a particular word.


Coursera has been the most supporting and flexible app focusing upon the needs of the user. The application offers free accessibility for more than a thousand courses. It also avails the user to get the benefit of the specialized content exceeding 140 in numbers from highly esteemed universities and colleges.


Photomath is a unique application that provides solutions and guidance to solve the mathematical problem through steps, one by one. It has been the most advanced recent application made for solving mathematical expressions & equations scanned through the camera of your smartphone.


SoloLearn has become a paradise for people learning to code. This application facilitates its users to learn coding from several online tutorials for free. It contains content enriched with knowledge related to Java, C++, Python, HTML, JavaScript, etc. for free.


Quizlet is among the most popular application for learning from tests, puzzles, flashcards, matches, etc. Every method of educating kids is very enriching and beneficial in learning. Usage of flashcards on an online platform makes kids play with their memory and strengthens their remembering power.

10. VOLT

VoLT is the best application for someone who is struggling to improve their English vocabulary. This app helps users to remember difficult English language words with unique and innovative techniques. This application is amazingly influential for students appearing for competitive exams that require a high level of English expertise. The benefit is that users of this app do not need to cram words. They can learn difficult words by creating an association with previous experiences.


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