Top 10 Best Download Sites For Software For PC

Downloading sites for software are the websites that enable users to download any software tools. But, users need to make sure that the site they visit should be safe and free from attacks. Such dangerous sites can steal data or can create viruses on PC. So, before using any site for software downloading, you should check the website’s reputation. However, no site is 100% safe. So, the internet security suite can assist users in protecting against malware-loaded downloads. The following are the top ten websites with 99% safe assurance.


Ninite is one of the top software downloading websites that enable users to download any application. This site has a user-friendly interface. It has a Pro interface offered that gives the best experience to its users. There is also a classic version of this website. But, the Pro version has more advanced features. Also, users get more benefits from the Pro version. The Pro version is the commercially-licensed version of Ninite. The best part of the Ninite Pro is it enables users to save and reuse downloads in a cache. To use this website, you need to sign in to the website and subscribe to its monthly plan.


Softpedia is the most-used and popular website for downloading multiple software and applications. The main sections of Softpedia are Windows, macOS, Mac PPC, Linux, Games, Drivers, Mobile, Webscript, and News. The best part of this website is that it offers direct downloads of software in its original distribution form. This website is the most-trusted by millions of users. This website is specially designed for downloading and news. Products on this website are arranged in categories and subcategories. This will make it easier for users to sort. It incorporates news, reviews, interviews on information technology, etc.


Majorgeeks is yet another top-rated website for downloading multiple software tools. This website is a fully-featured professional site that can download freeware and shareware software utilities. MajorGeeks website is the top place for high tech tools. It features only highly rated freeware. This is also specially developed for downloads and news. But, this website lists less than 10,000 downloads. Only the desired tech tools are available in larger numbers. For more than 15 years, this website serves as the most trusted site for its users. It offers high speed for downloading software even if there are thousands of users present at the same time.


FileHippo is another most-trusted and popular website that is used widely to download various software tools. There are a total of 20,000 programs, and they are categorized into 16 groups across Microsoft Windows, Mac, and Web operating systems. This website has very fast servers with a 100Mb connection. All applications that you download from this website are virus-free, have higher-quality, and spyware. It has a filtering feature that allows users to show Freeware. It also incorporates New European and US download servers. It offers an Update Checker Program for scanning and comparing applications.


DonationCoder is one of the powerful websites that has the coolest features incorporated in it. This website is clean and enables users to download the application easily and quickly. Additionally, there are no advertisements on this website. So, users enjoy it happily. There are two parts, User forum, and Software section. The DonationCoder website includes the most efficient applications in it. Some of the awesome software included are Clipboard Help and Spell, DimScreen, Find and Run Robot, Screenshot Captor, Toddler Trap, etc. The user forum is the best part of this website because it brings developers and users together.

Download Crew:

The download Crew is another website that enables users to download applications faster. However, the interface of this website is not very interesting and appealing. But, the best part of this website is it lists reviews of each program. This feature is very helpful for users. They can read reviews of each application and decide whether it is good or bad. Additionally, the other features include Most Popular Downloads and Editor’s Choice sections. The Most Popular Downloads section will list out all the popular applications that have got more number of downloaders. Programs of this website are available for Microsoft Windows, Linux, and macOS operating systems. Also, they are available on Android and iOS devices.


FileHorse website offers the best browsing experience to its users. There are multiple reasons to choose this website as the software downloader. This website has hand-picked quality software and applications. It supports Microsoft Windows as well as macOS operating systems and covers all the latest web applications. Users get downloadable archives of old versions. All applications or programs have technical data, changelogs, and comments sections. FileHorse gives optimized pages for a faster and better experience. It has faster and dedicated servers with 1GB connection and resumes support. This website is 100% spyware and virus free.


Like FileHorse, FilePuma website also provides the best experience to its users. It has a user-friendly interface. The main objective of this website is to provide the users with the best applications with 100% spyware and virus free. It also incorporates high-quality, hand-picked software and applications. Also, it offers the latest versions regularly. With the fast servers, the FilePuma website guarantees the quality of software. The features of this site include optimized pages for better browsing and easier downloading, 100% spyware and freeware, older versions of the software are available, RSS feeds for all updates and free Update Detector.


SnapFiles is one of the most popular websites that incorporate high-quality software and applications. It has more than 600 portable applications. All of them are listed on the SnapFiles website. It also provides a variety of freeware applications, which are top-rated and popular ones. It uses cookies to provide the best browsing experience to the users. It has an Editor’s Selection part, which includes a collection of cool software and applications. Another best feature of this website is it has Daily Freeware Pick. Users can regularly check the website for useful tools and utilities.

CNET Download:

CNET Download is the most-used and trusted software download website. It has multiple revolutionary features incorporated in it. This site has a variety of popular links, like the latest News, Security and Antivirus Center, New Releases, User Favorites, Editor’s Picks, and Top Freeware. The section of New Releases includes the newly developed software and applications. User Favorites section includes the most downloaded and highly-rated software and applications. However, there is multiple software available, and they are categorized into multiple groups, like browsers, business, communications, games, MP3 audios, screensavers, and many more groups.


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