Top 10 Best Defragging Software Tools For 2020

Defragging is a process in the Microsoft Windows operating systems that enables users to increase the speed of data access. The speed of the data access is increased by storing a large number of files on the disk on contiguous locations. This technique is very efficient as well as effective in reducing the time required to read and write the files to the disk. This process is also called Microsoft Drive Optimizer. There are several defragging software tools for Microsoft Windows available today. Each software has unique and eye-catching features. The following are the top ten defragging software tools with their features.


Defraggler is one of the top software tools used for defragging. This tool has multiple advanced features incorporated in it. Defraggler software is extremely compact and portable. This tool is compatible to work on all the versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems. Also, this tool is available in a total of 37 distinct languages. Additionally, this software tool can also be installed on a USB flash drive. The great advantage of the Defraggler tool is it supports the defragmentation of RAID disks as well. This tool is the most-used tool, and it secured the first rank for the best disk defragmenter.

Smart Defrag:

Smart Defrag is yet another top disk defragmenting software tool used widely. This tool is very effective in improving the performance of computer systems. There are multiple features comprised in it. They are hard disk defragmentation, disk health check-ups, smart optimization or defragmentation, higher data access speed, and maximum hard drive performance. Additionally, this tool is also used to enhance and improve the performance of games as well as to boot the system quickly and fastly. The latest version of the Smart Defrag tool is Smart Defrag 6 and is developed by IObit. The best part of this tool is it uses multithreading defrag engine, which optimizes the disk without reducing its performance.

Auslogics Disk Defrag:Auslogics Disk Defrag is the most popular disk optimizer or defragmenter software tool that aids users in improving the performance of the computer system. This tool has a large number of advanced features in it. This software comes with two versions. They are Auslogics Disk Defrag Professional and Auslogics Disk Defrag Free. The free version is available for anyone. The Professional version requires an amount to pay to access its features. The features included in this tool are free space defragmentation, file optimization, schedule optimization, defragment in the background, and many other functions.

Puran Defrag:

Puran Defrag is another top defragging software tool for Microsoft Windows operating systems. There are a large number of features in the Puran Defrag software tool. Users feel comfortable to work with this tool because of its user-friendly interface. This software has special directories for boosting the speed of the system. Additionally, it enables users to optimize by making free space available, automatic defragmentation, etc. Puran Defrag tool can defrag boot time for the system files MFT. Also, this tool supports Console command Line Defrag, restart or shut down after boot time defragmentation, etc.

Disk SpeedUp:

Disk SpeedUp is one of the most powerful and freely available disk defragmenters. This tool defrags hard drives and enhances the performance of computer systems. This tool is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. The best advantage of using this tool is it supports a large number of main file systems. They are FAT, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, NTFS+EFS. Another great benefit of using this software tool is it enables users to carry out defragmentation fastly as it incorporates multiple advanced features. This tool offers an easier way to optimize hard drives.

Toolwiz Smart Defrag:

Toolwiz Smart Defrag is one of the fully-featured defragmentation software tools used widely. This tool is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. Additionally, this tool is free to use for everyone and enhances the performance of systems quickly and rapidly. This tool is not only meant for defragmentation of the disk but also utilized to create border-free space to recover fragmented files. This software tool is developed with the world’s leading defragmentation technology. Additionally, there is an engine, which can create space in the disk for future use. Toolwiz Smart Defrag is a multifunctional tool that can be used for external as well as internal use.

O&O Defrag Free Edition:

O&O Defrag Free Edition, as its name suggests, is a free defragmentation tool used by many people. Like others, this tool also merges multiple fragments created while saving the file. This tool involves two methodologies while defragging the disk. They are Optimize or Quick and Optimize. The other version of the O&O Defrag tool is the paid version. This version incorporates more advanced defragging features than the free version. However, the free version of this tool is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. The features in the free version are simple and are limited to some schedulers.


UltraDefrag is yet another one of the most-used and popular disk defragmentation tools developed under the GNU General Public License. This tool is specially developed for Microsoft Windows operating systems. This tool comes with multiple advanced features that improve the performance of the system. These features are automatic defragmentation, defragmentation of single files and folders, defragmentation of locked system files, defragmentation of NTFS metafiles, optimization of disks, disk processing time limit, multilingual graphical interface, command-line interface, automatic hibernation after the job completion, and many other features. This tool supports 64-bit editions of Windows operating systems.


MyDefrag is also one of the extremely powerful disk defragmentation tools. This tool is highly customizable and is available freely. There are multiple features of this tool that are better than Windows Defragmenter. MyDefrag disk defragmentation tool has a simple GUI and has a user-friendly interface. This tool not only defrags the fragmented file segments but also optimizes files by storing them on the contiguous locations on the disk. The special part of this software tool is it operates on seven different modes of operation. These seven modes of operation are in-built and available freely. It supports 32-bit as well as 64-bit Windows systems. Additionally, it is available in 12 distinct languages.

SpeeDefrag:SpeeDefrag is yet another free and the most powerful defragmentation tool available for Windows systems. There are multiple features incorporated in this defragger. They are it supports defragmentation of multiple drives, optimizes the command-line interface defrag.exe, solves many defrag issues, etc. The best part of this software is it enables Windows Disk Defragmenter to work efficiently and quickly. Using this tool, users can defrag the fragmented file segments and improve the performance of the system. It is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface.


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