Three Types of Cloud Computing Services

Types of Cloud Computing:

Just as the name implies, cloud computing is a way of making use of virtual computer world wide using the same personalized experience. There are actually three different types of cloud computing, and they are pretty much dependent on the requirements of the user. Below are the clues on the three types of cloud computing services.

1. Software as a Service (SaaS):

People who use SaaS go into renting the software periodically and use them via an internet browser instead of purchasing the full license. There are certain varieties of software made available by the SaaS; for instance, there are certain software been delivered by the SaaS which are basically utilized by businesses or enterprises that deal in content management, customer relationship management and all other important areas.

2. Platform as a Service (PaaS):

This works as the link in between the other two services that the cloud computing offer; SaaS and IaaS, and provides a platform for computing to users of cloud computing.

For an average computer, it requires a good computing platform that involves framework and the hardware architecture. This is such a platform that serves as the base of collaboration of the software and the hardware that are found in the computer operating system. So, without the real computer, it is PaaS that makes available every requirement to compose a computing platform to the users.

Among the services that the PaaS offer include deployment, hosting, testing, application design and development. Moreover, cloud service providers that offer PaaS involves some features to design, test, deploy, host and run applications. All these can be reached by business bodies and individuals by subscribing to just a package that has all the features intact.

3. Infrastructure as a service (IaaS):

Unlike PaaS and SaaS which provide a variety of software and hardware facilities based on the cloud platform, LaaS on its own delivers a platform that is virtualized. Instead of displaying to the computer users the actual physical features available, the process of LaaS only display the abstract. This leads to the productions of the Virtual machine Monitor that leads to the creation of the interface as a service which is the third part of cloud computing.

However, there are a number of merits involved in using this technology of computer, with each type of service coming with its own advantages and disadvantages.


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