How to dual boot windows 7 with windows vista

How to dual boot windows 7 with windows vista

This guide is for those who already have windows 7 and want to dual boot it with windows vista.

  • Search for create and format hard disk partitions in your start bar search box and open it.
  • If you don’t have any other partitions or free hard discs other than drive c: use shrink volume option to shrink current partition to make a new one.
  • Create a new partition and format it using NTFS
  • Install windows vista in your new partition.
  • When you boot your pc after installation you will notice that you can select only vista.
  • Now insert your windows 7 cd and reboot the pc
  • Use auto repair option to resolve this problem
  • Now when you start the pc you will get two options to select either windows 7 or vista.

This method can be used to install windows XP, Linux or Ubuntu on your current windows 7 pc to dual boot.


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