Google Fiber: Everything You Need To Know

Google Fiber is part of the Access section of Alphabet Inc. Fiber Optic Services is available to US websites where broadband Internet and IPTV are available for small and slow sites.

Services offered by google fiber

Unlimited entertainment: Up to 1000 Mbps, you can do anything at any time and anywhere. Download in seconds, stream immediately and say goodbye to the cache. Go ahead and use all these devices at the same time. With Fiber Optic TV, you can get HD, hundreds of channels, thousands of presentations and HD video recorders that can record eight programs at once. Or get the best streaming media box, watch thousands of shows and movies on demand, and turn on the wireless TV.

Uploading and downloading: Whether you’re streaming, uploading photos, sharing a lot of files, or chatting with high-resolution video, download speeds and consistent downloads give you all the features you need, then some features.

Substantial Wi-Fi: Get a Wi-Fi network using Google’s network box or Wi-Fi network, designed to let you use Google Fiber at home. You can get a high-quality Wi-Fi technology at home with high-performance Network Box or Google Wifi.

Fiber phone: This is not just an unreasonable local call at a reasonable price. You can transfer a call to make a landline or mobile phone and send a voicemail by email or text.

Fees: There are no installation fees, rental fees or any hidden fees. Choose the plan that suits you, do not worry. Failure to have an annual contract does not mean paying the termination fee in advance. If you change your mind, you can change your plan or cancel at any time.

Customer services: From the friendly and timely staff to thoughtful service, you will enjoy award-winning customer service 24 hours a day, every day, anytime, anywhere.

Additional things to know about Google fiber

Any Google Fiber partner using the TV on your Google Nexus tablet can use it as a remote control. There are also some types that get a Chromebook at a discounted price of $ 299 through Google’s Internet subscription. The TV + Internet program costs $120 a month, while the Internet only costs $70 a month.

Google Fiber TV is also equipped with a DVR box that allows users to record up to eight channels at a time. There is also a 2TB internal memory that helps store all the data you may want to save.

Google Fiber offers 1 Gbps download speed and upload speed. In a world of versatility and speed, end users should hear the music.

In addition to speed, Google Fiber is exciting because it provides unlimited uploads and downloads. The company plans not to have an asterisk or cap on the amount of data transferred.


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