4 Main Reasons Why Your Next Marketing Move Should Be A Whiteboard Animation Video


The popular adage ‘a picture conveys a thousand words’ is old news now. After all, one can create single or multiple stories that are woven together just by looking at a picture of an evocative painting, for instance. However, when it comes to the realm of marketing, there are a lot more things that one needs to take into consideration before making the final decision on what your next marketing move should be.

In this regard, a lot of companies employ the tactic of more-of-the-same simply because they are afraid to take any risks and stir the pot. Why try something new when you can get the same-old safe and predictable results? Enough people scoff at companies employing certain tried-to-death banal tactics, but in most cases, would end up doing the same themselves. You can be sure of that fact.

With whiteboard animation videos and a good virtual whiteboard, you will have the perfect blend of real-time illustrations with professional quality audio that makes everything a lot more engaging and interesting for viewers.

Even if you are against or on the fence about the idea, here are three main reasons why your next marketing move should be a whiteboard animation video:-

  • It is a lot more simple than most people think it is: When you first think about it, the process certainly looks rather daunting. However, now there are enough services out there that make it quicker and easier than ever before.Once the overall worksheet and the script have been taken care of, visual storyboards are created while the script is being made. With everything being synced up at the end, the entire process can be done within just a couple of weeks with an extremely professional and unique touch.
  • It is not that costly: This may come across as the biggest shock for most people out there. With a normal marketing video, you just know that things are going to be rather costly in general, especially if your primary focus is excellent sound and video quality.In the case of whiteboard animation, everything is done on a per-minute basis with quite a few aspects being within your control. Most of all, you will be able to trim the script only to the main essentials, thus influencing the final cost positively.
  • Whiteboard animation is better suited for long-term memory retention: Now this is primarily because whatever the content of the video might be, the full visual history is displayed for everyone to see on a singular canvas. Hence, due to the simplicity of whiteboard videos, people have a natural tendency of paying more attention to the content they have to offer, rather than the content of other types of videos.
  • The aspect of mass appeal: If the trend moving towards whiteboard animation hasn’t convinced you of that fact already, then clearly nothing else will. They truly have the potential to grow viral since they cut across most age or gender boundaries in general. A handful of studies have come to the common conclusion that people were twice as likely to recommend whiteboard videos to other people out there as well as three times more likely to share them on social media platforms.

The above reasons should certainly convince you that the tactic of employing a well-constructed whiteboard animation video is not only up-to-date in every way as well as effective, but affordable as well. With most marketing tactics, you will indeed be hard-pressed to find an effective, modern tactic that additionally does not necessarily require a great deal of money. Thankfully, in the case of a whiteboard animation video, this is not the case, provided you go about the planning stages in a methodical, structural and systematic manner.

Even today, the surprising part is that this idea is still not widely used or implemented in most of the companies out there. Sure, there are some additional new tactics, but by and large, studies have revealed that services prefer to play things safe in general by sticking to old content formats. In that case, what could be a better time to kick things up a couple of notches for your company by employing this tactic? The world is your oyster and now would be a great time to test this tactic out for yourself.


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