YouTube Access Denied Error. Help

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Hi all, I am not a very technical guy but I do you use internet for checking emails and other stuff.

I also watch tutorials on YouTube etc.

Recently I changed my internet connection as the previous one was working very slowly.

Now I have a wireless network connection, since the day I changed my internet connection I am receiving access denied error on YouTube.

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YouTube Access Denied Error. Help


Did the new ISP gave you a new wireless router?

Some wireless routers are capable of restricting access on some websites.

Access the set-up page of your router or modem router.

Access the set-up using a computer that is connected to the router.

Open a browser and type the IP Address of the router or modem in the browser's address bar.

The default IP address of router is the router's username and password. (It’s not the router's wireless name and password). When you are in the set-up page, look for”Access Restrictions" tab and edit the Restriction Policy or delete YouTube from the list of blocked websites.

Hope that helps!

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YouTube Access Denied Error. Help


The "access denied" problem is sort of a common mystery problem with a lot of XP computers on WiFi connections.

According to your statement you switched to wireless connection. I want you to solve this problem by first navigating to the internet option settings.

To do this Go control panel / network and connection / windows firewall.

When you click the windows firewall its window appears. In that dialog box or window there is three tabs. Click the exception tab and look for the YouTube program and check it. If the program is not there don’t fret, just go to the advance tab which is our last stem.

Under the advance tab you will see this sub heading Network connecting settings and in the small box you will see the local area connection you have check their boxes so that they are not blocked by the firewall.

Now you are ready to go


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YouTube Access Denied Error. Help


That’s odd. I also experienced somewhat the same thing as you but not with YouTube. Although I don’t receive the same error as what you get, what I experienced is a different one. I do play online games particularly Cabal Online. Actually, I don’t really have any problems accessing the game’s site.

I can freely access the site and be able to login using a web browser. The problem I encounter is from the game’s client program or the game launcher. I use a wireless 3G modem USB stick and whenever I start the game client, I can’t login to the game from within the game launcher.

Every time this happens, I close the game client since I can’t login and play the game and then visit the game’s site with a web browser to see if the site is really inaccessible. But the site doesn’t have a problem and I can login to my account. So I was puzzled about the problem. I can’t login to the game from within the game client but I can access the site and login to my account using a web browser.

While I was surfing to different sites, I accidentally visited a site that provides VPN connection or Virtual Private Network. It’s somewhat similar to proxy service but here you can access lots of different VPN servers around the world giving you different IP address every time you connect. It’s like you are located in a different country because of the IP address set on your computer.

I tried using it to see if it’s going to work on my 3G modem to play Cabal Online and I was successful. I was able to login and play the game using the VPN service. I tried differentiating my connection with the game using the VPN service and without using the VPN service.

Playing the game normally without VPN on my wireless connection still results to failure. But with VPN enabled it was successful. Since we almost have the same problem with the wireless connection, try using a VPN to access YouTube. VPN allows you access to sites that are normally blocked by your country for some reasons.

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