Young African students aspiring to be an Antivirus Programmer

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Hello Everyone,

What goes into programming an Antivirus? I am a student in one of the tertiary institutions in Sudan. I love programming and wish to develop an Antivirus. However, I would like to know what comes into play with respect to programming of such programs? Thank you.

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Young African students aspiring to be an Antivirus Programmer



Programming is quite a difficult job to create complex programs. Antivirus programs are quite AI based that requires heavy skill. There are several concepts that you should learn first.

First of all, you should understand the operating system quite well. Operating systems are made for giving the user total power of using the hardware to meet their all needs. There are many leakage in every system that could be hardly found. There are many skilled programmers who finds out those and make use of them via his own created virus for wrong purpose. In order to create antivirus, you should learn how to make virus on the first. Only after learning virus creation, you’ll come to know the vulnerability of the targeted OS and you’ll be able to include the leak into your antivirus and give the perfect safety.

Next, choosing the right programming language is also a fact because you must need a language that generates such executables that runs almost at the speed of the machine. C or C++ is the best suite for this purpose as it builds executables that run at the machine’s top speed.

Next, it requires internet connection so that you might be able to provide update to your antivirus user. So, learning server is also required.

Your intelligence also counts as antivirus developing requires quite a good skill and sharpness and high excellence.

I'm not trying to make you disappointed. If you're confident enough, you should start it right now. Just be patient and sensible to make good programs.

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