You cannot log in as new user

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Hello There. I have a desktop PC which is HP Probook. I am getting an error message while logging in. It has an error message saying "your system is running low on resources you cannot log on as new user Please use an account that has already been logged on" . Have you encountered similar issue? How did you solve it?

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You cannot log in as new user



Sounds like very annoying issue, but not so tough to take anyone down. This trouble is because of the lid option defined in the Windows settings.

1. Turn off your PC, start it again.

2. Login into the administrative account.

3. Go to Start menu >> Control Panel >> System and Maintenance >> Power Options.

4. From “Select a power plan” page, click “Change plan settings” next to the currently active radio button.

5. From “Change settings for the plan” page, click “Change advanced power settings”.

6. Expand “Power buttons and lid” >> “Lid close action” from “Advanced settings” and change it to “Do nothing”.

7. Click “OK”.

Problem solved.

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