Yellow stains on prints from HP Inkjet printer

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I have an HP inkjet printer and all its prints come out with a yellow stain on the middle. I changed my ink and got the same result. Does this mean there is a leak inside the printer that I need to clean? Is there a way I can do this on my own?

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Yellow stains on prints from HP Inkjet printer

I'm confused on the way you described your problem  that "its prints come out with a yellow stain in the middle." Do you mean middle in portrait direction, landscape direction or simply at the center of the paper? It would be helpful of you could clarify this idea or a picture of it may be helpful. If my understanding is correct you mean at the center of the paper.
If you have changed the ink and got the same result, I presume that you have refilled or changed the ink container; otherwise, a new product would normally produce a better result. Further, it appears that the defect is not in the ink, but on the ink cartridge, especially the printer head, which appeared that you haven't cleaned it yet. As you suspect that the yellow stain could be a leak inside the printer, is definitely  possible, but since that it seems that you have not cleaned it yet, it could be that the stain is on the external of the cartridge. If you will clean it yourself, there is a website or video that demonstrates the cleaning process.  We cannot absolutely determine that the yellow be cleaned until you clean it first and find out. There are good advise or demo that would show you how to clean the ink cartridge or printer. Please try this websites:
2. Sample video that demonstrate cleaning the printhead of HP 
YouTube & websites with enough patience can guide you in doing it yourself, though this approach may be risky and may damage your printer; hence, service center may be a good choice. 

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