Yahoo mail Vs Google Mail

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Hi Experts,

Yahoo mail Vs Google Mail

Which is better email service. What are the best suggestions you experts can give.

Thank you

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Yahoo mail Vs Google Mail


I think that both of them are providing better services as they require to provide. Although i will support Google mail since it is easy to use and it is reliable also it provides best solutions for business users and is reliable for them. Although if you see at yahoo they are providing better service for each person in the community. the yahoo chat is also a common feature of this property. So if you are a business man then Google mail is best and if you are not a professional then yahoo provides better services for these users. Also Google supports the search engine that is very reliable and that provides a better feature for users to search over the network while the yahoo search is not so reliable and most of people i think that depend on Google search.

This is the basic difference among the two email service providers and you can choose one as per your requirement.

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Yahoo mail Vs Google Mail


I use both yahoo mail and the Google mail which is known as gmail, and they are both good. There might be some pros and cons though when it comes to usage of the two, some which are as follows:

For yahoo mail, I find the interface to be better compared to gmail, and that is for the yahoo mail classic. I find it easy to navigate around the yahoo mail classic as compared to the gmail interface. But when it comes to speed at which the page loads especially for slow internet connections, you will find that Google mail will tend to load faster, and in cases where the loading speed is too slow you can load using the basic html view which is faster.

-Mathew Stone

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Yahoo mail Vs Google Mail



Both Google mail and Yahoo mail has some features similar and some features with their best. You yourself can decide which email service suites you best according to your need. Below I have made some points which I experienced while using them both may helps you:

Both Google mail and yahoo mail (you have to pay for POP out future in yahoo mail) are free email accounts. Setup for both Yahoo and Gmail (Google mail) is not that difficult.

Interface wise Yahoo mail has most insightful, obvious interface than Gmail. Now it’s also enhanced in Gmail as well.

You have to pay in Yahoo mail for POP out email future and to remove advertisement where as in Gmail POP future is free.

Tabbed plan in yahoo mail helps you to read, answer back or seek or you can open new tab while in Gmail you it’s not that much organized. Also you can’t preview mail in Gmail as like yahoo.

Gmail put forward highly developed IMAP future for free where as you have to pay to get this future in Yahoo mail.

Gmail is only one of its kinds who offer an Archive option for mails, With Yahoo's because of its unlimited storage, archiving is not required much.

I like Gmail for exchanging conversation in single mail. Only the new message is added at top.

Folder created to manage mails in yahoo is better organized.

In Gmail you can attach your attachment in same screen whereas in yahoo you have to travel to different screen.

Gmail is little fast than yahoo mail. Also Gmail search feature is over yahoo mail. Gmail provides tagging.

For the majority part, I prefer Gmail. However, I found it’s very hard to stick by with one as there are benefits to both of them.

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