XML file is causing video editing/compositing software to crash

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I am starting video editor and have just recently experienced a problem regarding the XML file I have exported for online (polishing, compositing and color grading) editing. I have edited using Final Cut Pro 7.

The video needs to be polished and color graded using resolve and smoke though.

I was being told by the online editing company that the XML file I sent them is possibly causing their RESOLVE to crash.

They told me to check the part where the dissolves are encoded however, I am not very familiar with interpreting XML files.

Can anyone check if something is wrong here:

If not, any idea on what could be the problem?

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XML file is causing video editing/compositing software to crash


Hi Samara_Adams,

Before exporting your final cut pro project make sure to prepare the sequence of your Final Cut Pro before sending it make sure to do the following first:

  • Work on the clips which are on the single video track because it is more easier and faster to have an edit on it.
  • Don't remove video filters from a sequence you're forwarding to color because it might produce uncertain results.
  • Remove the 3-way filters Converted Color Corrector regarding the XTML data regarding that sequence.  So that they will not be seen in the sequence while it is move back  to Final Cut Pro.  For the reason that Color Converter are just  tentative and will not really match the initial corrections made on it.
  • You should divide your long work into reels. Twenty two minutes is the ideal for a film reel.  When  maximizing it broke them out into separate twenty two minutes sequence. Be careful of deleting any frames in the middle of each reel.  This thing will make you easily recollect all of the color-corrected reels after into a single sequence when you are done working in color.
  • To avoid compressions of Image formats when you are saving them, be sure to use higher resolutions not exceeding 4096 x 2304 the maximum size of image that color supports.   
  • You should use the same frame to all of your clips. If you use multiple frame rates it will be resulted to wrong time code.
  • To prevent recapturing useless media delete unused media to free your disk space. Also manage all the used source media into particular directory for transporting them easily.
  • You have to check and change the timing and transitions before exporting it to Color.
  • Send completed sequences by using " the send the Color command in Final Cut Pro.
  • Do not revised your works in Color.
  • You have to use XML  export command to bring your Final Cut Pro into different facility to be rate.

How XML File be import into Color? 

a.    Start opening Color
b.    Select FILE >IMPORT > XML
c.    From > Project dialog select > XML File 
d.    Hit Load.
Hope this might help you.

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