Xbox One support with Debit Card?

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I am an Indian user of Xbox One. I bought it on the day of its release. I wanted to buy the Game "Unrest" from Xbox Live Service as this game was not preloaded into it. While making payment I correctly entered my Debit Card details but the payment was Unsuccessful.What could be the possible reason for this and suggest any fix please.

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Xbox One support with Debit Card?


I guess the exact problem here is not with your Xbox Live account but with the mode of payment. First, since you tried paying using your debit card, you should check first if Xbox Live accepts payment using the debit card. Because most of the time especially when purchasing games, PayPal and credit card are the most commonly used modes of payments.

If you are sure that debit card is accepted in your country and you still can’t make a payment, try changing the payment options in your account. Xbox Live accepts PayPal and credit card. So, if your debit card is not supported, if you have a PayPal account, simply load money to your account and purchase the game you want using PayPal.

If you already have a PayPal account but you haven’t added your debit card yet to your account, you need to add it first so you can load money to your PayPal account and make payments. When adding a debit card to your PayPal account, it requires verification from your bank.

When I added my debit card to my PayPal account, I was instructed to load a certain amount to my account using the debit card so the account can be verified. And that fixed it. So try this if you can’t make a payment via debit card.

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