X3 – Terran Conflict – 3D benchmark shut down.

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After installing a new game X3TC on my laptop this error message box stopped me to play it. All my games works just fine and this is the only one with errors. Please is anyone free to help me with this error?

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X3 – Terran Conflict – 3D benchmark shut down.

Results saved in C:UserseybleDocumentsEgosoftX3TC-Demoxperf_20100320_035347.txt.

Overall average framerate: 41.189 fps.


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X3 – Terran Conflict – 3D benchmark shut down.


It seems that when you tried playing the game X3: Terran Conflict your video card crashed which obviously means you need a much higher graphics adapter to run the game. There is actually no problem running the game on your computer because it fully supports Microsoft Windows Vista. But the problem is regarding your graphics adapter.

The game “X3: Terran Conflict” supports Windows XP Service Pack 2 and up and Windows Vista Service Pack 1 and up. In case you are running Microsoft Windows 7, try running the game in compatibility mode for Windows Vista. If your computer is running on a built-in video card, there is no way you can play the game unless the onboard graphics adapter has 256 MB video RAM then it is possible.

But normally, onboard video cards have very less video RAM most of the time only around 64 MB. That’s why most gamers install a new video card because the default video card is insufficient. This game requires a video card with at least 256 MB video RAM with support for Pixel Shader 1.1 which I’m sure is not available in your graphics adapter.

The only way you can play the game is to purchase a new graphics adapter with 256 MB video RAM or higher since most modern video cards have higher OpenGL and Pixel Shader support.

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