Writing stored procedures. Know nothing of T-SQL

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I've been speaking to developers recently and have been given information that I am not entirely sure of and I'm hoping that someone can assist me.

I'm wondering if it is possible to create a SQL Server stored procedure without T-SQL being necessary. I've been told that it is, but to me, the knowledge of T-SQL would be necessary at least for data access.

Thank you for any input you may have.

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Writing stored procedures. Know nothing of T-SQL


Hi Xjcx0!

To be able to access or "call" your stored procedure, you should have basic knowledge of T-SQL. Most stored procedures are more "readable" when you use T-SQL and most conditions and parameters are most understandable using Transact SQL. Don't worry because the syntax you might need for your queries are very accessible in the internet. You may want to start reviewing the CREATE and UPDATE syntaxes since they are the most used if you'll be creating stored procedures. Before storing your stored procedures, you may want to check your syntax first using a Query Analyzer (if you have any) so that errors/warnings are easier for you to detect.

Hope this one helps!

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