The worst features of today’s video games

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What are the worst five features that can be said of video games produced or made this very year? I sat down a couple of days ago thinking through how the enhancement of technology has improved entertainment in most home around the world but then I had a sudden thought of how possible can we also find say any five worst features introduced into today’s video games that are not worth applauded. This is why I seek your help in finding answers for this question. Thank you.

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The worst features of today’s video games


Hello Raymond!

Worst features that makes video gamers to fell out of touch.

1. Additional Pricing cost while playing the game. This is not new to us. It is difficult to spend big amount of price in game consoles. Plus you have to buy items at your cost to be able to move in to the next round.

2. Sluggish graphics and turn around. Delays and slow movements that make gamers to get irritated.

3. Video games based on movies that failed to justify the character. One example of this is Rambo. Unstable characters that cannot justify the true character depicted in the original movie. You have to multiple time try to repeat your moves just to get it right.

4. Over-Produced computer graphics. Over graphics makes the game more vulnerable to users. If the graphics is over populated the tendency is for the game to pause or lag. This is one the feature that cost a lot of users to deny buying and have second thoughts.

5. Pricing of the game console where you can use. You have to purchase a console where the game will only work. It will not work for the previous version of the console since the system requirements are much bigger or vast.

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