WordPress vs. Blogger pros and cons

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I have a personal blog on Blogger, but recently I've been seeing many sites I read being moved to WordPress.  What is the advantage of choosing WordPress over Blogger? 

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WordPress vs. Blogger pros and cons



Wordpress and Blogger are two (2) of the most admired blog layouts but WordPress is most likely the head of the group. These are the five (5) Benefits of Blogger:

  1. Free hosting supplied by Google
  2. Dependable Hosting
  3. Approximately could not be infiltrated
  4. Google property
  5. Super simple to use

Eight (8) Advantages of WordPress:

  1. Individual domain name
  2. Plugins
  3. Themes
  4. Developers
  5. Designs
  6. It's completely free
  7. Simply to use
  8. SEO friendly


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WordPress vs. Blogger pros and cons


Following are the advantages of WordPress over Blogger.

1.   WordPress is easier to use and more customizable than Blogger. There are plenty of themes, plugins and other additional features.

2.   In Blogger, it is compulsory to enable javascript. While in WordPress, it is not necessary that is why Dashboard in WordPress increases the speed for the dial up users, so users can post with ease.

3.   WordPress support more than 120 languages while Blogger supports about 50 languages.

4.   WordPress Blog can be accessed through mobiles.

5.    Wordpress provides 3GB space free for storing images while Blogger just provides 1GB free space to its users for storing images.

6.   Only two accounts one for Administrator and other for Non-Administrators can be created on Blogger. On the other hand, on WordPress various accounts for Editors, Contributors and Authors can be created.


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