WordPress configure my MYSQL server.

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I download my installer and proceed to install the word press to my computer and it works great, until the download has already finished and it reached the 14th component (MYSQL5.1).

I already got this following problems: it already stuck after I tried to cancel and uninstalling and reinstalling it. And I also try to restart but it still seems like it still doesn’t finish installing and it didn’t configure my MYSQL server. I have no idea why is this happening. Can anybody lend me a hand by helping me about this problem?

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WordPress configure my MYSQL server.


The reason it gets stuck when it reaches the MySQL installation could be an already running MySQL instance. Try one of these following methods and it should be fine.

1. Go to the control panel. Click on the administrative tools and then go to services.

a. Scroll down in the name column and you will see MySQL instance and its status at this moment would be “started”.

b. Right click and “stop” the service.

c. Now restart the installation and check if the problem still persists.

2. Uninstall your copy of MySQL server and instances.

a. Restart the computer and install WordPress along with MySQL as normal.

b. Now it should not prompt as you are installing a fresh copy of MySQL with the installer package.

3. If you want to keep the already installed copy of MySQL.

a. Then you can download and install a free, standalone copy of WordPress for Windows environment that will even run from a USB flash key.

b. This standalone copy can be found here: https://www.instantwp.com/

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WordPress configure my MYSQL server.


The issue that you have with the failed attempts in installing MYSQL5.1 is because of its credentials. If the main reason is about the Wizard was unable to connect to MySQL, you can follow these solutions, first remember to use the same password as the last time then re-configure.

Re-installing MySQL after un-installing it with a different password causes this why it failed because password is already written in MySQL database and the password didn’t match. The settings cannot be applied. A variable named Datadir will show delete data however please note that if you chose delete it means you will lose your old database.

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WordPress configure my MYSQL server.


Dear Rhea Anne,

There are many reasons why it is happening. You didn't mention where you downloaded the file. It may be your Internet connections that caused the problem. You can try this again. I suggest you download IDM which stands for Internet Download Manager. It's a nice software for downloading everything. There may be a problem in your browser also. So you can try others browser. Download IDM and try again. I hope your problem will be solved.


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