Faulty Wireless Keyboard: Typed letters are different

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Wireless keyboard failure? When I turned on my computer and start to do my encoding stuff, I noticed that the letters showed up was different from what I'm coding. Example: I press letter A but the letter showed up was C. My keyboard is crazy. I cannot continue my encoding. And when I press enter button it’s deleting the word.

What should I do? I'm using a wireless keyboard but the battery of my keyboard is new. I'm so curious why my keyboard is like that. How will I fix this problem? Please help me to solve this problem because I will not able to finish my encoding of files. Thanks!

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Faulty Wireless Keyboard: Typed letters are different



Hi JustineR's,

Your problem regarding your keyboard doesn't display the correct letter.


  1. The keyboard is definitely not the problem. But try the keyboard from other unit if it will work.
  2. Copy these three files from your PC (they are Windows' USB drivers):

    • Hccoin.dll (c:WINDOWSsystem32). The following are found in C:WINDOWSsystem32drivers):

      • Usbehci.sys
      • Usbhub.sys
      • Usbport.sys
  3. Copy them to their respective locations via CD by booting or external USB or to an MS-DOS prompt.
  4. Once you have them copied – the USB keyboard and mouse will work (verify this today).

I hope this will solve your problem. Try to message me if the problem still exists.


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Faulty Wireless Keyboard: Typed letters are different



You can locate your problem and then solve it. First check these points to locate problems:

  • You wireless keyboard is receiving full signals it is not at extreme distance.
  • It is not configured by an update in the past few days.
  • Your PC is infected with some virus program which is creating problem.
  • Try a different keyboard to check that you keyboard is getting problem or your PC.

If one of these problems comes then you can configure them by taking these steps:

  • Go to your PC’s Control Panel and select Regional and Language settings in languages click on detail and now under keyboard set it as per your region or as UK or USA my keyboard is working under UK but most work under USA.
  • See that all of your keyboard drivers are update and working properly.
  • Go to Universal Access preferences in System Preferences and check there the keyboard settings.
  • And at last check that some fluid is not put in to your keyboard.

After these steps you will be able to solve your problem.

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