Wireless Keyboard and mouse not detected

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Yesterday, I plug my wireless Mouse and Keyboard in my Desktop to take effect I restart my desktop when booting up no errors in the screen but.

The keyboard and mouse are not functioning the Light of the mouse are ok. I cannot use my mouse and keyboard its because they not work properly Or functionally My OS XP PROFESSIONAL

RAM 512




Please help me.



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Wireless Keyboard and mouse not detected


One thing you can try is to remove the AA alkaline batteries for power and then reinsert them again. Wireless mouse or wireless keyboards rely on AA alkaline batteries for power and by trying this method problems can be removed or if the problem persists than you can change the batteries with new ones.

You can also check the solution to the problem by reinstalling the latest Software from Microsoft website that handles wireless functions of your computer. http://www.microsoft.com/accessories/en-us/downloads

If still your problem is unsolved, you can try another option. That is to try the wireless mouse and wireless keyboard on some other computer. In this way you can track whether the problem is in your computer on in your keyboard or mouse device.

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Wireless Keyboard and mouse not detected


Does the wireless keyboard and mouse that you have use radio frequency or Bluetooth to establish a connection?

If it's radio frequency, make sure the transmitter (for many devices this is the part that you plug into the back of the computer) is not too far away from the keyboard or the mouse. The distance may be hindering communication between the transceiver and the keyboard and mouse.

If it's Bluetooth, make sure you don't have any wireless devices that operate in the 2.4 GHz too near the Bluetooth devices.

This may create interference and would hinder communication between the Bluetooth devices.

Also make sure that you have successfully paired the devices with their transceivers.

Without that, there would not be any means to have communication between the devices.

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