WinRAR cannot create output file

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Hi experts,

This error appears during the extraction of data from an archive. I tried to extract the archive with WinRAR and the same error appears. The archive is not broken because my friend extracted the data without a problem. Does anyone have any idea on how can I extract the data without this error ? Why my programs don’t work?

Thank you !

WinZip Self-Extractor

Can’t create output file: dksports-datafootballSETUP.LST


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WinRAR cannot create output file


The most probable cause of "Cannot create file" is if there is already a file or folder with the same name in the same directory. In that case, the operating system will not be able to overwrite it with the "setup.lst" file from the archive.. Try the following solutions:

1. Move the archive to your Desktop and try the extraction there. If it is already on the Desktop, create a new folder, move the archive inside it, and then try extracting.

2. Copy or download the archive from the same place you originally did.

3. Look in the directory and see if there is already the file or folder "setup.lst" in there. If there is, delete it and try the extraction again.

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