Winrar 32 vs 64 difference in performance

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Hi guys,

I use WinRAR 32 bit on my 32 bit windows 7 installation for most of my archiving needs , what I understand is that 64 bit systems are faster than 32 bit systems so I was thinking about switching to a 64 bit system for my pc. What I would like to find out is the performance differences between winrar 32 vs 64 bit installations so that I can make a smart choice.

Anyone who has information on this please reply to the post.


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Winrar 32 vs 64 difference in performance



Hello, Brob!

I saw your question about comparing Winrar 32-Bit Program and Winrar 64-Bit Program on your 32-Bit Windows 7 OS. So, here’s the answer:

A 32-Bit Winrar in a 32-Bit OS will run smoothly on your computer (if comparing to 64-Bit OS), but 64-Bit Winrar on a 32-Bit OS, well, the 64-Bit program will not work on 32-Bit OS. Of course, 32-Bit OS will not load 64-Bit Winrar Program because the Winrar bit size is greater than the OS (64-Bit is greater than 32-Bit).

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