Windows XP SP1 to SP3

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Windows has released the final service pack for Windows XP which is SP3.  My laptop only has SP1 when I checked my computer specs in My Computer properties.  When would be the need to upgrade to SP3?  Should I upgrade to SP2 first or can I just proceed to SP3 right away? 

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Windows XP SP1 to SP3


Please note that the service pack SP3 is not cumulative. If service pack 1 is installed then you can install service pack 3 (SP3). However, It is recommended to install SP2 before SP3. Service packs are used for bug fixing and to close the security holes.

Before installing SP3 please ensure following things

i) Check there should be at least 1500 MB free space on the disk where OS (Windows) is installed.

ii) Uninstall Microsoft Shared Computer Toolkit if it is installed otherwise sp3 can not be installed.

iii) Uninstall  Remote Desktop Connection (RDP) 6.0 MUI pack if it is installed otherwise sp3 can not be installed.

iv) Disable the anti virus program if you have already installed it.

V) Take a full backup of the computer before you install the SP3.

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Windows XP SP1 to SP3



Good day Shekainah,

The SP3 version of Windows XP had been launched quite a long time ago. After this version Windows introduced the newer version Windows 7. You are currently using a Windows XP SP1 on your laptop. Your question is regarding up-gradation of your Service Pack (SP) from SP1 to SP3. The answer to your question is fairly simple. In order to upgrade your current service pack (SP) you don’t need to upgrade it firstly on SP2 then to SP3. You can easily upgrade your Operating System to any of the version you want. Just get a new copy of SP 3 pack and have it installed on your machine and start using it without any worry.

Thank you

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Windows XP SP1 to SP3



Hello Mr. Shekainah


I read your problem. But I Think this is not a very critical problem. Now I try to give some workable solution for your problem. Please read the below solution and work step by step then I think you will cover up the problem.


If you want to upgrade your operating system [OS] into service pack3 you have the opportunity to do this. But if you do that you may lose all your data. For this you have to take a full backup of your computer. Also   you can upgrade  your operating system [OS] into any version which you like. But remember you have to purchase a genuine copy for installing any kind of OS. You have to keep mind that which version you want to install is it support in your computer or not. If it supports then its ok. Or if it is not then you have to find out that which version is supported on your computer. Otherwise you have to increase your memory or RAM. Because sometimes it is very important that you have enough space or not.


I hope your problem has been solved by these solutions.


Thanks from

Arafat Hossain

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