Windows Vista installation error message

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Hi, I’m having a problem installing Windows Vista to my PC.

I am currently using Windows XP and when I’ve tried updating to Vista the next thing happens:

      “Install Windows

      Windows was unable to create a required installation folder.

      Error code: 0x80070008”

I don’t think the file is corrupted, but I’m not sure how to solve this so please, if you have any idea how to fix it post a comment.


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Windows Vista installation error message



This  means that there is  need to delete that folder, for this please format the hard drive again. If you have a legal company than you can do it. So for it  you must first have the cd-rom already in the cd reader drive. Immediately hold on 12 until you hear a sound by clicking while turn off  the  computer and then turn again it back on. Boot the cd and press enter, so it there will show press any key do like this. After it you will see delete partition so do it. Now format the drive and it will take time may be an hour or more than it. Now you have a completely clean computer. It means delete all the drives until you start the installation.  . Select  "upgrade" that is bad, because it will have all things.  So I would recommend  you backing up your hard drive.

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Windows Vista installation error message


Hi Billy,

The vista you are trying to upgrade to/ install seems to be corrupted. So try getting a new version of it either form the internet or purchasing one. This should for sure work for you.

Your vista could have been corrupted by mishandling the disk that it on by exposing it to dust, touching the sensitive surface, exposing to liquids or moisture which could have left it with scratched  or alternatively a  virus attack.

Hope this helps,



Lee Hung.

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Windows Vista installation error message


Hi Billy, my friend this is a problem of your pc in a sense that whatever file of your windows you are going to install is not an accurate one this type of problem arise when there is a corrupted files but as you said that the file is not corrupted but it’s your thought. In actual means your file is corrupted and for this it is necessary for you to keep a new copy or install again from some other folder because may be that folder is also poses some of the errors so please check it our dear.


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Windows Vista installation error message


Try these steps to install Windows Vista on your computer

First basic step is to check the hard drive space for the installation. For Windows Vista, we need 20GB of free space.

1. If you've downloaded Windows Vista from the website, please check the size of the windows folder. It should be approx ~ 2.5GB
2. If you've any anti-virus software, go ahead and disable / uninstall the anti-virus software.
3. Put the computer into a selective startup. Below are the steps.

a. Click on start –> In the start search or Run box, please type msconfig and hit enter.
b. Check on Selective Startup –> Uncheck the Load Startup Items –> Go to the services tab –> Check on Hide all Microsoft Services –> Click on Disable all.
c. Click on Ok and then apply. If you're prompted to restart the computer, please go ahead and restart the computer.

4. If you've any external devices like printer or scanner, unplug them.
5. Go ahead and try to install Windows Vista.

If it still doesn't work, please restart the installation booting from the Windows Vista DVD



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