Windows server 2008 vs 2012

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As window server 2012 is powerful and have to handle less connection, but it is much slower than window server 2008.Probably the problem is inside our .exe (even if its the same for both the machines) but we're thinking that the problem can be Windows 2012 too. Does any one have idea about the what is the difference of this purpose? Kindly help me, I will be thankful to you.

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Windows server 2008 vs 2012


1. Our program creates a one-directional compressed stream of data between two or more users, so they must be both connected to the same machine.
2. We checked the performance in "Performance Monitor" and can't find any bottleneck to date, all have been always below 10% usage (CPU, memory, hd, network)
3. We have no network bottleneck, our servers have a 1gpbs access to the internet and we normally use only 2 or 3 Mbps. I know that 1gpbs is the network card speed, but also is our server's internet access speed.
4. Quantifying the performance differences is not easy, but on Machine 1 our users can login in less than 100ms, on Machine 2 the same login uses about 2 seconds. Login is not the only thing slowed, the entire connection session is slower

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