Windows Server 2008 Tutorial For Beginners, Installation Guide Step By Step.

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I want to install Windows Server 2008. Can you please give me a windows Server 2008 tutorial for beginners? Please give the snapshots for better understanding.

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Windows Server 2008 Tutorial For Beginners, Installation Guide Step By Step.


Installing Windows Server 2008 is very simple and is dreadfully much like installing Windows Vista, but I considered I’d file the essential points here for extra information. For those who have in no way installed Vista earlier, the whole installation procedure is different than it used to be in earlier Microsoft operating systems, and markedly much easier to carry out.

Essential requirements:

  1. Put in the suitable Windows Server 2008 installation media into the drive.
  2. Reboot the central processing unit.


  1. When incited for a setting up language and other local options pick your choice and press next.


  1. Press Install Now and start the installation practice.


  1. Product activation at present is also indistinguishable with that established in Windows Vista. Generate your Product ID in the subsequent window, and if you desire to involuntarily activate Windows the second the installation completes, click next.


  1. As you did not give the correct ID, the installation course of action cannot decide what type of Windows Server 2008 permit you own, and so you will be incited to choose your right version on the subsequent screen.

7. Now follow the steps in the pictures given below.

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