Windows Server 2008 Error 0x800f0818 During PS1 RC Update

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I have installed Windows Server 2008 in my brand new server (HP, Quad Core). The installation was successful. I also installed SP1 after the new installation. When I launch the SP1 update, installation fails with error 0x800f0818 during the process. 

When I checked the log in c:windowslogsCBS, I found the CBS.log, with the following errors :

Failed to internally open package. [HRESULT = 0x800f0818 – CBS_E_IDENTITY_MISMATCH]

2011-07-20 15:19:14, Info CBS Mark store corruption flag because there is a mismatch between package identity and its content on package: Microsoft-Windows-InternetExplorer-Package~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~~9.2.7930.16406. [HRESULT = 0x00000000 – S_OK]

2011-07-20 15:19:14, Info CBS Identity mismatch: Specified Identity:
Microsoft-Windows-InternetExplorer-Package~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~~9.2.7930.16406, actual package Identity: Microsoft-Windows-Foundation-Package~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~~6.1.7600.16385 [HRESULT = 0x800f0818 – CBS_E_IDENTITY_MISMATCH]
Looks like an Internet Explorer error but I could not find a solution yet. Any help is appreciated. 
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Windows Server 2008 Error 0x800f0818 During PS1 RC Update


This is a common matter faced when updating 2008 R2 SP1. I suppose that your prediction about the issue with Internet Explorer 9 is correct. You have to restore the following files of IE in their default directory. After that launch the installation of IE again.


Also log files reveals detail about some culprit files and you need to download the KS specified from Microsoft to resolve. Extract the contents of the MSU and CAB files with following commands.

Expand -F:* Updatename.msu C:FolderLocation

Expand -F:* cabname.CAB C:CabDestination

Then run a search for unavailable files stated in the log file. When you found above 2 files replace them by newly extracted files and confirm if prompted to overwrite. Then Try to run the System Update Readiness Tool.

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