Windows script host error during the install

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During the install this error on Windows Script Host appeared and rolled back the install. I repeated the process twice and the same error appeared. Can anyone tell me please what I did wrong ? What could be the problem with my PC ?

Thanks !

Windows Script Host

Script: L:winbuilderWinBuilder074_6Projectspec2Unzip_Script.vbs

Line: 4

Char: 1

Error: Object required: ‘Shell.Name.Space(….)’

Source: Microsoft VBScript running error.

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Windows script host error during the install


This error is usually caused by the use of illegal method, may be a typing mistake or some extra letter.

Follow the steps below,

  • Check the logic of your "method statement"
  • Check the line (4) and chart (1) for a particular clue.
  • For this purpose, locate your line that have error.
  • Take keen observation of spelling and method.
  • Research similar method in another script for comparison.
  • Try to add "Explicit" to the beginning of VBScript.
  • Add the statement "on error resume next" just before the line that have error. 
  • In this way you can fix the error.

There is another way to solve this problem.

  • There can be the problem with command for "GetObject."
  • Check, if the "GetObject" command is missing.
  • If yes, then use "Parallel  Script technique."


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