Windows Pro 7 update error

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 Last time I've tried to update Windows I've encountered a problem.

This error message keeps appearing every time:

Windows Update, Windows could not search for new updates, An error occurred while checking for new updates for your computer. Error(s) found: Code 8000FFFF, Windows Update encountered an unknown error. Get help with this error, Most recent check for updates: 22/02/2009 at 22:02, Updates were installed: 22/02/2009 at 22:03.

View update history, You receive updates:

For Windows only."

This is the first time a problem like this occurred, and I've been using Windows 7 Pro for about a year.

Anyone with an idea what it could be about? 

Thanks a lot.

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Windows Pro 7 update error


Suggestion One:

This may have to do with a kb929777 hot fix problem. If that is the case then the solution is fairly simple. Go to Control Panel and then Add and Remove Programs. Find the hot fix for kb929777 and uninstall it. Windows may then prompt you to reboot (do so). Now you should download the kb929777 from the Windows website. Do not install it from the auto update site (this is where the hot fix gets installed first and then kb929777 will not install). You will need to reboot again, check for updates (you should have a successful update for kb929777 in your history).

Suggestion Two:

There are lots of other things that may be affecting the update. You may need to rename the Software Distribution folder to something like SoftwareDistribution.old). This is uncommon but may help by forcing the update to rebuild the folder. Before and after you do this, make sure you stop and start, respectively, the update service.

Suggestion Three:

Look through your update history and see if any past updates have failed. If so, you may need to manually download the file to install. You can look at your WindowsUpdate.Log (usually at C:WindowsWindowsUpdate.log, %windir%WindowsUpdate.log) for Failure or Fatal error.

Suggestion Four:

A repair install may be a little involved, but it usually solves this problem, especially with Windows 7.

This error can be a tricky one because it is vague and includes many issues, I hope that this helps!



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Windows Pro 7 update error


Yes dear,  I have the solution of your problem, first of all  I want to tell you that the  issue that you have is due to following factors. The Windows Update service has been stopped and Corrupted Windows Update Temporary folder.
For getting out to this problem please I want to refer to the following steps. After concluding to each step, must check the result again on the Windows Update website.
(By Some third party,  programs can be affect the Windows Update service. If you are running any third party applications such as  web accelerators, security or anti-virus disable it for temporarily. We can troubleshoot this problem by this activity).
> Verify to the relevant Windows Update services and than rename the Windows Update Software distribution folder.
 Now it should be clear that in the end it must says that it was successfully started. Concern this link.

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