Windows placement using batch file

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I want to about the batch files, like how to create windows placement using batch file. Please help me on this issue. I am using batch files.


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Windows placement using batch file


It's the name given to the script file or a text file. It is mostly used in DOS and OS/2 and also Microsoft windows. Simply we can say that a batch file is a type of unformatted text file.

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Windows placement using batch file


Good Day.,

Generally, batch files are a group of commands that were used during MS DOS days. There are several functions and/or uses of batch files. Some of the samples can be viewed.

Here is a step on how to create a basic batch file:

1. Right Click on Desktop > select New > select Text Document
2. Now input all the batch commands that you need on the Text File.
3. Save the file as ".bat" Regarding the file name you wish to use. Example 123.bat, sample.bat, etc.
4. Open your Dive C: and open "Backup" folder.
5. Drag your created ".bat" file to this folder and that is how you create a simple batch file.

For a more detailed discussion on creating powerful batch file, kindly see.

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