Windows Phone has encountered a fatal disk corruption error

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After I finish a mission in a game and I left the game properly this System Error appeared. I think my phone is dead for all. It restarts and try to restore to the factory settings and after all the processes are finished this system error appears again with the same message. What should I do with my phone ? Should I buy a new one or try to repair it calling an authorized service ?

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System Error

Windows Phone has encountered a fatal disk corruption error. Your device will now shut down and attempt a factory restore to recover the corrupt operating system sector. If your device is unable to restore successfully, please contact customer support.

Error Code: 0xd53001d

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Windows Phone has encountered a fatal disk corruption error


Unfortunately, there is very little that can be done in these cases in terms of repair. Even if you do try to fix the phone's hard drive by taking it to the authorized service (which is a costly endeavor), there is no guarantee how long it will keep working until it inevitably starts to give errors again. The best option is to either replace the phones hard drive or the phone itself. It is also advisable to regularly backup all important data from the phone – pictures, media files etc. The safest phone for backing up phone numbers is writing them down in a notebook.

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