Windows Phone Emulator error PC may be lose network connectivity

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I have this message with my Windows Phone. It appeared for the first time after I have reinstalled my Windows 7, it worked just fine before the reinstall. I don’t know what I should do, click Yes or No. Can anyone help me with this? If is possible please tell me some advices.

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Windows Phone Emulator

Do you want to configure the emulator to connect to the Internet?

Your PC may lose its network connectivity while the changes are applied. This may affect any network operations in progress.

Yes    No

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Windows Phone Emulator error PC may be lose network connectivity


There is really nothing wrong with this message and it is not actually an error message. The Windows Phone Emulator wants to inform you what will happen when you allowed the application to be configured to connect to the internet. Though the message says that your computer will lose its internet connection during the configuration, this interruption is only during the configuration or while the phone emulator is being configured.

After this, your computer will regain its network connectivity and should be back to normal. The network interruption will only affect a very small amount of time so I’m sure it will be finished in no time at all. If you select No in the prompt, the phone emulator won’t be configured for internet connection and possible in the future you will be prompted again by this message.

So, to avoid seeing this message in the future, it is better to configure it now so you can readily use it with internet connection than see it again in the future and be prompted to configure it again for internet connection.

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