Windows optimizer app for server programs

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I have Windows Server 2008 and my internet is working very slowly lately.

I'm looking for (freeware) programs that will optimize my bandwidth as best as possible.

I've tried the TCP Optimizer, but the problem remains.

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Windows optimizer app for server programs


Hi Jabez,

I believe your question is on the type of programs that can optimize your bandwidth as best as possible, right?!Well that query is easily solvable.

You don't really need to have a program;you can use this method and it can help;
Check first and confirm to see whether there are faster networks in your area, fiber optic or DSL

Perform some pc maintenance such as disk defragment, scan disk or even virus scan and also clear the recycle bin. The slow internet connection may be an identification that your computer is infested with viruses or harmful malware. You need also to delete the temporary files and those that are very old. Never allow the free space to be less than 10% of the total size.
Restart your internet network or connection- Restarting your internet connection is very important because the data overloads the router and makes it slow.
Check your router or modem in general- If you are using multiple computers on one connection, you need to ensure the computers are physically connected to a router and switch,not only hub.Hubs are 'low -level' equipment'. Whereas routers direct traffic effectively.

Optimize your cache and temporary internet files- You need to delete the temporary internet files and disable the cache by going to Internet explorer or Firefox and clicking on tools->internet options

Upgrade you computer and router firmware.
Restart your system
It should work

I hope this solves your query


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