Windows Movie Maker Error on AutoMovie

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I am trying to create a movie when this error appears:

Windows Movie Maker

AutoMovie cannot continue because the selected video clips and pictures don't contain usable content of at least 30 seconds. AutoMovie cannot use video clips or pictures that are extremely overexposed, severely underexposed or badly out of focus.


I just imported some of my photos and adjusted it to last up to 30 seconds, however, the error appears and I'm not sure what it means. Can someone give me some insight on fixing it? Thanks.

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Windows Movie Maker Error on AutoMovie


When I tried to reproduce the error you received using only three photos, I also received the same error. Though the error message is not entirely the same like what you received maybe because the pictures I used were clear but still it means the same that the pictures didn’t reach at least thirty seconds minimum. See image.

The default duration for each image when creating a slideshow movie is five seconds so to reach the minimum 30 seconds allowed by AutoMovie you need at least six pictures to complete the thirty seconds. And also, since the error you have mentions something about the quality of the images, I think even if you complete the six images you still won’t be able to save the project because of the quality of the images.

Try adding pictures that are clear enough and complete the minimum six images and try saving it again. I also tried adding a very small image that measures only 100 x 77 pixels and still there was no problem adding it to the slideshow.

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