Windows Media Player error while trying to play files

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I have this error when I want to stream some songs with Windows Media Player. I have lowered the security on my browsers and this kind of error still appears. I have this error with all my players when I want to stream something. Can anyone help me please to fix this ?

Thanks !

Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player cannot play the file. The file may be formatted with an unsupported codec, or the Internet security setting on your computer is set too high. Lower your browser’s security setting, and then try again.

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Windows Media Player error while trying to play files


Hello Raymond,

This issue is very clear. If you have already lowered your security setting it means codec for required file is missing from window media player. Please check all the supported Window media player extension in this path — media player->tools->options->file types. 

If you are running a CD. Remove the autorun option, explore the contents, and see the extension of the files, then check whether they are supported or not.

Scurlock Ward

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