Windows Media Centerconsistently encounter errors

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Hello Tech Experts,

When I try to view the video file in Windows media player I am getting this error message. This means the video card is not supporting the system. Do I need to upgrade the memory in my laptop? Can I use the new video card? I don’t understand where the problem is exactly? Please suggest me some solutions. Thank you.

TV and video may not work as expected because the video card does not meet the minimum memory requirement of 64 MB of video RAM. If you consistently encounter errors with TV or video, update the video driver or install a new video card.

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Windows Media Centerconsistently encounter errors


It seems there is no solution to this unless you replace the video card that is installed in your laptop. If you are confused about the 64 MB RAM, it refers to the memory of the video card and not the physical RAM of your computer. Those are two different parts of the computer. If you are not aware that a graphics adapter has a memory or RAM, yes it does.

A video card can’t function if it doesn’t have a built-in RAM or what they call video RAM. The smallest amount of video RAM that I know of, as with my experience in repairing computers, is 64 MB. So, if your Windows Media Center is complaining that your video card doesn’t meet the minimum 64 MB video RAM, it would mean that your graphics adapter has only 32 MB and that’s the smallest possible value.

That amount of video RAM is very small and can already affect the performance of the computer when playing media files like video. To fix your problem, purchase a new video card to replace the one installed on your computer. When buying a video card today, you will usually get 128 MB video RAM as the smallest amount and can go up as high as 4 GB or maybe bigger.

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