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I’m using Windows 10. I opened Movie Maker and selected “add photos and videos”. I selected a file I have in my Pictures folder. When I created that file, I put all photos in order of “date taken – ascending” When I open it in Movie Maker, the photos are out of order. How can I copy the file exactly as I have it saved in my Pictures file?

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Windows Live Movie Maker question


That problem with the sequence of the photos occurred probably because the filenames of the photos were not arranged by the number like for example, photo_01.jpg, photo_02.jpg, and so on. If the filenames of the photos indicate their individual number sequence, Windows Movie Maker will somehow arrange the sequence according to their numbers.

The way you arranged it is according to view when you view the photos in Windows Explorer. Windows Movie Maker doesn’t follow that kind of arrangement because it depends on the filename of the item and not on the view. If the filenames indicate a number, it will be treated in ascending order, displaying the filename with the smallest number first up to the highest number the last.

That’s the reason why when you load or import a video file in Windows Movie Maker, the generated scenes are numbered sequentially.

So, to fix your problem, rename your photos accordingly by adding a number either at the beginning or at the end of the filename from smallest to highest where the smallest is the photo that should appear first and the highest is the photo that should appear in the end of the slideshow.

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