Windows Live Messenger auto login issue

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I have a Windows Live Messenger 2011 latest version, seems always not connected. I have a discussion with my friend in MSN when I notice that my messages return to me. And when I log in again into my messenger, my friend has encountered also an error just like mine. I encounter this error every day. Please tell me about this problem, I am so disappointing and worried.

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Windows Live Messenger auto login issue


Dear Tim Donald


I was receiving similar complaints from my friends that their messages via msn are being returned to them, and it forced me to do a little research on this issue.

What I found is not so surprising, as Microsoft comparing to the other open source areas is not performing or heeding the complaints of the community, and this issue is one of these areas where MS is not giving any response.

Different forums are pointing to the blockage of WLM by different Antiviruses, or firewalls, BUT I found that this is not the issue. Basically, WLM 2011 is connected with so many social networks, like face book etc. that this stress the Live network, and resultantly the disconnections, which concludes that the issue is not with wlm 2011 theoretically but with the live service.

I myself am still using WLM 2009 (fortunately) and never upgraded it to 2010, 2011, and I do get this issue but rarely. What I read is that 2010 version has a little more issues and 2011 the greatest failure. (And that is due to addition of networks.

Suggest you downgrade to 2009



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