Windows has recovered from a serious error after using Word and Firefox

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Good day everyone,

I have a problem that kept on popping up every time I use Microsoft Word and Mozilla Firefox. Every time I use Mozilla checking my mail, I also do some article writing in MS Word. Now here’s the problem. I started writing articles then every time I open Mozilla it runs just fine or rather normal. Then I create or compose new message but every time I try to attach the word file, my computer hangs and stop responding for more than a minute or so. It disables the keyboard, mouse and even the shutdown button. Now the only way I have left is to pull the plug to have my PC shut down.

Now the next part is when I open my PC. It loads normally but when I’m on the standby screen a message box appears that says “Your computer has just recovered from a serious error” and of course there’s an OK button there but when I clicked it my screen will turn blue with lots of zeros and X and some sort of source codes.

Please help. I cannot afford going to a computer shop everyday just to work. Thanks in advance.

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Windows has recovered from a serious error after using Word and Firefox



After reading your posted problem, I conclude that you have a serious RAM infection. That means that some of your memory addresses are not going well. You will have to test the health of your memory by using a bootable memory tester. I suggest UBCD (Ultimate Boot CD) because it founds the memory errors, you may also use any Linux distribution CD like Ubuntu or Suse.

To do, you can follow these steps:

  • Download an ISO file of the UBCD; this is the download link: UBCD — Mirror Download
  • Burn the ISO file into a CD-ROM.
  • Make the CD in the reader and restart your computer.
  • While booting, choose to boot from the CD reader.
  • You will get a screen like that:



  • Use the down key to select the "Memory" option and then click Enter.
  • Follow the instructions to test your memory.

Now if the UBCD indicates any error that means that you have to check your memory (it's approximately impossible to repair a memory so you will have to buy another one). When done I suggest you format your PC so you clean it from all infections.

Thanks for reading my answer and I hope this will help you, please notify me with any news.

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Windows has recovered from a serious error after using Word and Firefox


Here is the solution:

  • After creating your document, try saving it in a different format that can easily be loaded on to the net.
  • Type in your document(s), click save button (if it is an initial save), save as (if you had already saved), append to 'save as type' then try entering 'word macro-enabled document'.
  • Try increasing the RAM of your computer.
  • Try reinstalling the entire Office program if not do some repair on the program.
  • Try one after another and I am sure that you will come up with the solution WikiBooks — Computer Hardware.

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