Windows has detected a Registry/Configuration Error

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Good day!

Anyone who can help me please in this concern?

I turned on my PC yesterday and I was surprised with this error code that appeared on my computer monitor’s screen “Warning: Windows has detected a registry/configuration error. Choose Safe Mode to start Windows. ”

I followed the command prompt instruction and choose Safe Mode but only the black blank screen had appeared and nothing had happened afterwards.

I kept on restarting my PC by pressing the power button but the error had been repeatedly occurring again and again.

Please help me on how I can fix this problem.

Anyway, is pressing the power button of the computer when it hangs-up or not responding advisable?

Thank you very much for your help.

Waiting for your help,


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Windows has detected a Registry/Configuration Error


You didn’t mention the version of your operating system, but it looks like windows XP.

The best tools that XP embedded into their installation disk is the built in repair feature. Previously it error in windows operating system is means reinstallation of the whole system which is really time consuming. You need to back-up your files and everything in your hard disk. Unlike in Windows XP, the built-in repair features can repair your windows registry, boot record, system settings and even restoration of the new operating system.

Most of problems that a built-in repair features of XP solve the following:

  1. Windows OS can’t start in safe mode.
  2. Problems caused by a recently installed system update.
  3. Problems in the system restore.
  4. Installation/Replacing new motherboard or hardware.
  5. NTLDR is missing.
  6. Registry configuration error.

Not let’s start solving the problem:

  1. Check some hardware issues before proceeding. The system can repair only systems configuration and settings, systems files but not hardware. Hardware errors can also cause registry problem or boot-up problems like hard disk error, memory, Motherboard, power supply etc.
  2. Begin repairing your operating system. Boot from your windows OS CD. Make sure that the primary boot device in your BIOS is set to your Optical Drive or your CD ROM device. When “Press any key to boot from CD” prompts on the screen, just press any key to boot from your CD. If the CD stops booting there is a possibility that your CD has been damage. You need to grab a copy or a backup of your installation disk to be use for booting and repairing.
  3. If booting is successful your screen turns into blue and shows some information during installation. Wait until the installation files completely loaded.
  4. When Welcome to Setup appears, you are asked to choose an option. To set up Windows XP no, press ENTER. To repair a Windows XP installation using Recovery Console, press R. To quit Setup without installing Windows XP, press F3. Since our goal is to repair our operating system. Press R to repair Windows using Recovery Console.
  5. Next is a black screen asking you the drive number where your operating system is installed. Usually, your Operating System was installed at disk 1. Press 1. Then the computer will asked you to provide the user name, type Administrator. Next is, you will be asked for the Administrators password, type the password. If your Operating System is not protected by password the recovery console will not ask you for the password.
  6. Now, you are in the command prompt (C:>), this is the text based interface of our operating system where you can key in a command directly at the prompt. Type “CHKDSK /?” so that you will know the parameters to be use when executing the external command CHKDSK. You will then see on the screen the list of parameter like “/F”. Type the “CHKDSK /F” on the command prompt without the quotes then press enter.
  7. The system will begin repairing your operating system. It will replace all files corrupted, registry error entries and even the NTLDR. Also checks the bad blocks and bad sectors bounded by system files on the hard disk.
  8. Keep an eye to watch for what the tool is doing so that next time you are familiar with. Just type “EXIT” on the command prompt when the system finish checking your OS. The computer will automatically reboot and you will see that you’re OS working now.
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Windows has detected a Registry/Configuration Error


Hi Roland,

To restore the registry Windows 98:

1. Click Start and then click Shut Down.

2. Click Restart in MS-DOS mode, and then click Yes.

3. At the Ms-Dos prompt type.



Following these procedure will restore your registry to its state when you last successfully starts your computer.
Scan window:

Chose which one you want to restore, then click Restore
Microsoft Registry Checker.
You have Restored a good registry.
You have restored a previous backup of your registry that contain no error. To begin using the new registry, you must restart your computer now.
Hope this help.

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